Paid Advertising and Social Media Advertising Services

Gold Spot Media offers different digital marketing services with an aim to boost your website’s visibility and revenue. By choosing our services, you agree to the terms and conditions stated below. If you face any queries or concern regarding our services, feel free to contact us.

We, Gold Spot Media, provide PPC marketing and Social Media Advertising services on local as well as global basis. As a part of our service, we submit your information to paid advertising providers, such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, Instagram, LinkedIn, and AOL, among many others on your behalf. We don’t provide your information to any third party business other than online advertisers and marketing service providers.

Advertisement Material

We, Gold Spot Media, own the rights to publish your information related to your business on the advertising providers mentioned in the above section and you also authorize Gold Spot Media to develop and promote any type of digital content, such as form, text, graphics, addresses, contact numbers, logos, website URL, photos and videos. Moreover, you assure Gold Spot Media that the information provided by you is completely yours, truthful and not misleading. You also authorize Gold Spot Media to contact your users or customers with the intention to gain their attention, visibility and their feedback on your products and services. For blogs, articles and press releases, the content will be considered approved if the requested changes are not received within a week from the time the content is sent for review. The timely posting of content is important for better campaign performance.


You agree to purchase the services at the rates mentioned in the annual agreement. However, Gold Spot Media may increase the rate mentioned on any rate card without prior notice. We may change our advertising terms, contract period, management fees, setup fees or any other cost any time in accordance with the advertising providers’ terms and market value. Therefore, we advise you to check our services and pricing thoroughly before agreeing to the contract.


The client agrees to pay Gold Spot Media the amount mentioned in the service agreement and contract made between the client and Gold Spot Media. The payment for the services offered by Gold Spot Media shall be processed on or before the final date of each month. The contract that starts on a date other than the 1st of the month shall be calculated on the remaining days of the month. The payment shall be made by check, debit card or credit card by the end of the month, and failing to do will pause your services, and the re-initiation fees may also apply.


Gold Spot Media holds the right to terminate the agreement immediately for the following reasons: (a) if the client fails to make the payment on time. (b) if the insolvency laws or a petition in bankruptcy is filed against the client. (c) if the client discontinues or seems to discontinue business operations. (d) if the client signs the contract for the benefit of creditors. We can terminate the contract for any of these reasons, and the client is liable to make payment for the services purchased, whether billed or unbilled.

No Guarantee

The client acknowledges and agrees that Gold Spot Media doesn’t provide any guarantee or warranty of paid search providers, including the performance of the ad campaign or any particular results. We do not commit to the number of clicks, conversions, purchases or your ad will appear in response to specific queries. We do not promise that the performance will fault-free, but will react immediately to resolve your issues as soon as they are identified.


All the terms and agreements of the contract mentioned in this agreement represent the clients’ approval of Gold Spot Media’s provision of services. The effect of these terms and conditions is upon the signature of Gold Spot Media, and you and your successors are bound with the agreement.