How do you measure the results?

The two key factors that help in measuring the results are the website traffic and conversion rate. We will examine the amount of traffic your site receives and how many of them converts.  

How much traffic do I expect to receive?

The amount of website traffic is directly dependent on the effectiveness of your campaign and your budget for the ad campaign. The more budget you have, the more times your website will appear in the search engine, and hence, more traffic.

How many conversions do I expect every month?

The conversion rate is dependent on the quality of your ad and your advertising budget. The amount of conversions can be observed from your ad performance report. Moreover, we use this performance data to tweak your campaign in order to get better results over time. 

However, we would also like to mention that there are some external factors which are not under our control. Your business type, market competition, product quality and limited ad budget can impact your conversions as well.

How much does it cost to advertise on Google?

Advertising on Google is quite expensive, but given the quality of results, it is totally worth it. Google uses pay-per-click advertising model, which means you need to pay only when the users click on your ad. Advertising on Google is preferred because of high quality traffic, as Google displays your ad to the relevant visitors looking for similar products or services you offer. 

However, we suggest our clients that take an average of the value of each customer into account, and understand how much you can afford to spend for each customer. With the help of a professional paid advertising company, you can bring customers closer to your brand at the best cost.


Service & Working Together

Who is going to handle my account?

When you start our PPC management services, we will assign a paid advertising expert to your project. Our executive is well-trained and well-versed in working with numerous PPC marketing campaigns. He will be available throughout the project for any communication and queries. Each month he will create a performance report and send it to the director to check all the outcomes before sending it to you. This ensures to deliver the highest quality work to you.

How will you analyze our business requirements?

We will start by sending you a set of questions for you to fill up and schedule a telephonic conversation to discuss all the questions and your business requirements. After the discussion, we will dig more into understanding your business goals and build an effective PPC marketing strategy that works for your business.

What type of ad will you create that suits my business?

The questionnaire will give us an idea about your ad preferences. Then we will develop a strategy mentioning the advertising approach suitable to your business, and present it to you. After receiving approval from your end, we will start creating ads in our ad calendar. We will also show you the ads for your feedback before putting them online on the search engine.

Do I need to provide any text or content for ads?

You don’t really need to provide any type of content to us as our PPC team also includes proficient content creators, who are expert in creating strong texts, graphics, etc. We also have access to stock images, graphics and videos website. But, if you want us to use your own developed content, we are happy to do it.

How often do you monitor our ad campaign to ensure it is working correctly?

Your campaign will be assigned to a PPC manager who will be constantly monitoring your ad campaigns to ensure they are producing expected results. If ads don’t perform well, we will pause the operations and make necessary changes to improve its performance. We even run A/B split tests on many campaigns to test multiple variants of the ads and the prospects’ behavior. By testing your ads with different combinations, its efficiency will improve considerably.


Contract & Setup Fees

What is the minimum contract term?

Our PPC management services involve an initial 3-month contract, and post three months, you can continue services on a monthly basis. We also provide an option to cancel the contract anytime with a 30-day digital or written notice. After cancellation of your contract, all the information and reports will be held back to you.

Do you charge any setup fees?

Yes, we do charge one-time setup fees. This includes setting up your paid advertising accounts, analytic systems, reporting systems and other administrative tasks that are required to carry out. It simply means setting up your ad campaign and making it ready to go live on search engines.