Grow Your Law Business Online with Our PPC Ad Services for Lawyers

The paid search marketing services for the law companies are gaining immense popularity because of the great results they deliver. There are many elements to consider and manage for the successful PPC campaign. Hence, it is full-time work and should be assigned only to a professional PPC company. That’s why we are here to help you fulfill your marketing goals. We will create stunning ads to help you secure the top position on the search engine and bring more traffic to your website, so you can focus on your important business operations.

4 Steps to Successful PPC Marketing for Law Firms

Keyword Analysis

As more law firms and attorneys are turning to PPC marketing, your business needs thorough keyword research, a strong bidding strategy and appropriate landing pages in order to stay ahead in this highly competitive digital space. Every element of your paid search campaign must align with your ad when your prospects search for your law-related services. As you will be charged only when somebody clicks on your ads, we will optimize your ads with the relevant keywords to ensure you get only high quality leads to your website and that are willing to convert.

A/B Split Testing

We conduct multiple testing of your ads with different copies in order to determine the ad that drives maximum clicks and uses your budget in an optimum way. This allows us to reduce your budget wastage and maximize the conversion rate.

Follow Up

According to research, nearly 75% of the potential customers that begin searching for law firms online end up contacting them through phone call rather than contacting online. Our PPC services for law firms include setting up of a special phone number that helps you track these calls at no additional cost, so we can track every bit of your marketing campaign to ensure it is performing well.

Transparent Results

We love to see your business thrive and we also want you to see how much efforts we put behind it. We will prepare the progress report of your campaign and send it to you every month to give you a full insight on your campaign performance. We will be 100% transparent with the results and you can contact us anytime to discuss the metrics mentioned in the report.

3 Vital Elements of Law Firm Paid Search Services

Starting a PPC campaign is easy, but it takes a lot of expertise to make it successful and yield results. Holding years of experience, we are able to do it by following certain proven tactics.

1 Ad Copy: Building creative ad copies in accordance with your landing pages is important to improve conversions.

2 Landing Pages: Landing pages should be designed in a way that delivers an effective solution to users when they click on the ads.

3 Respond Quickly: As soon as users send an inquiry on the website, it is essential to respond quickly before they turn to your competitors.

What Makes Us the Best PPC Services Provider for Law Business?

Full-fledged PPC Services Provider

Being a well-established digital marketing company, we have acquired adequate abilities to manage your presence online. Besides PPC marketing, we offer website design, content, email, and social media marketing services to further support your PPC campaign. When you choose Gold Spot Media means you have to deal with only one company for all your digital marketing needs rather than wasting time in approaching different agencies.

Considerable Experience

Our vast experience in the PPC marketing for law firms allows us to translate complicate law terms in simple layman language to our customers. We have observed and understood what users are searching when it comes to law services and what lawyers would like to see in every case.

Law Firms Ad Specialist

We have dedicated ad specialists for legal services on board who can competently create and monitor your ad campaigns. At Gold Spot Media, we assign real people to work and handle your project who have a huge background in law firm marketing and can create, manage and optimize your ad campaigns with one single aim in mind: to help you acquire more customers and win more cases.

How PPC Services Can Benefit Your Law Business?

When you choose our PPC services for law, we will help you grow your business faster on platforms like Google AdWords where clients are looking for legal services every day. We will help your business get exposed to a large number of audience who are in urgent need of your services. So, if you are willing to market your business to more prospects at cost-effective prices, submit the contact form right away. We will get in touch with you to discuss your business goals and how we can boost your presence online.