Custom PPC Management Pricing


Management Cost

The management fee is the total cost that we charge to manage your ad campaigns every month. This fee ranges from $400 to $600 which is decided based on the scope and complexity of your campaign. The more competition and keywords involved, the more amount of work is needed to accomplish your paid advertising objectives. However, you should remember that this cost includes creating, managing and optimizing your campaign. It doesn’t cover any advertising cost required to run your ad campaign on search engines. Our PPC experts, regardless of the complexity and size of your campaign, will put their experience and skills to work to save your time and money, ensuring your PPC campaign generates adequate revenue while you focus on critical business operations.

Advertising Fee

PPC advertising fees vary widely, depending on your paid marketing budget and business goals. This cost is based on the quality of your ads and the maximum bid you choose for your ads. On average, you should expect the cost between $1-$2 per click if you choose to advertise on Google search engine. The more you bid, the more traffic and better conversions you can expect to get. However, we suggest that you keep at least $300 for your paid advertising budget. This cost is completely separate from the management cost.


Setup Fee

A one-time setup cost includes all the prep work required to be done before launching your campaign. This fee varies based on the size of the campaign, and it covers the cost of creating your Google AdWords analytics, management systems and setting up advertising accounts.

Traffic & PPC Management:

Our proficient PPC management services will enhance the way your prospects see your business, drive more relevant traffic to your website and increase your revenue. We will create an effective PPC campaign, containing text and display ads which will target particular keywords to navigate customers to your site. This will display your ad on millions of Google-partnered websites and drive traffic to your website.

Conversions & PPC Management:

We understand the importance of conversions for a business, and therefore, we strive to create relevant landing pages that aids in converting more users into customers. All our campaigns are accompanied by conversion tracking tools, which helps in monitoring the ad campaigns so you can know what keywords are bringing more clicks and conversions.

ROI & PPC Management:

We cover all the aspects of PPC management from developing ads to optimizing them with your landing pages and measuring your conversions. Our Google and Bing AdWords expert regularly monitors your ad campaigns to make sure they efficiently generate a considerable return on investment. As managed by the technicians, there is no risk of not getting targeted traffic to your site.

Great Service Comes Standard

√ PPC Manager
√ Account Manager

√ No Long-term Contracts
√ 24/7 Analytics

√ Custom Content Creation
√ Pre-approved Content

A few reasons our clients love our PPC management pricing

We Know PPC Marketing

We are backed by a team of dedicated PPC experts who have years of experience in developing and managing paid advertising campaigns. They analyze each aspect of the campaign to deliver expected results and accurate reports, which will give you a deep insight on how your campaigns are performing and how it can be optimized for better results.

Fixed Management Fee

A fixed monthly management fee is the best option for both advertisers and advertising agency to simplify the billing process. Our management fee is fixed, and unlike other agencies, we don’t charge an additional percentage of your advertising budget which is usually 10% to 20%. Charging a fixed management fee leverages your business a considerable advantage as you scale up, while keeping your ad budget intact. We will only charge for the work that we do on your project, allowing you to use that money on your ad budget and expand your ad campaign.

Low-risk Contracts

One of the best things that set us apart is our low-risk contracts. When you avail our PPC management services, we will ask you to sign a 3-month contract. After the initial contract period is over, you will be charged on a monthly basis, giving you the freedom to cancel the campaign anytime with a 30-day notice. Once the services are eliminated, we will return all the data and information to you. However, that will be rarely a case, as you will start seeing results from the initial months.