Over 95% of American Donate to Charity

Fast Results

As soon as you start Google AdWords services for non-profit, your ads will start appearing immediately. Timing is the crucial factor for non-profits, so we ensure that people start finding your organization in the least possible time.

Retaining Donors

When you undertake PPC services for non-profits, you are actually reaching the most appropriate donors and volunteers who are willing to be the part of your organization. As your ads will be visible to target audience, you know you have reached only qualified volunteers.

More Visibility

AdWords for non-profits will give extreme visibility to your organization by placing it on the top of all the organic search and other organizations. This platform will make thousands of donors and volunteers aware about your organization and its good cause.

4 Important Steps to Implement Successful Paid Search Campaign for Non-profits

Identifying the Right Keywords

At Gold Spot Media, we possess all the technical knowledge to conduct keyword research to find the best suitable keywords for your organization. We understand that it’s not your cup of tea to work around keywords, so we take out time to learn about your organization, its purpose, goal and slogan, and come up with the right keywords to beat your competition and help you get more donation.

Leveraging the Most Performing Ad

Since AdWords puts limitations on bidding for non-profits, we help you benefit from all other aspects of AdWords with an aim to take you ahead of your competitors who are targeting the same audience as you are. We do this by improving your quality score on Google by creating excellent ad copies. We prepare all of your ads with the help of creative copy-writing specialists who have plenty of experience in creating ads that comply with Google quality standards. We strive to use your budget in the most efficient way and bring the best to the table.

Monitoring and Optimizing Ads

Regular monitoring and optimizing of ads is of the utmost importance when it comes to PPC marketing for non-profits, otherwise it could quickly result in wastage of your budget. It is practically impossible for small non-profit organizations with a limited number of staff and do not have adequate knowledge and technical skills to manage and optimize Google Ad campaign every day for optimum performance. Only an ad expert can manage your campaign and do all the necessary tweaks to optimize the ad. We determine all these performance indicators on the regular basis to understand your donors’ behavior, and how the can be optimized for maximum conversions.

Timely Reporting

We integrate performance tracking system in your AdWords campaign to get a deep insight on the performance of your ads and the amount of traffic and donations you are getting on your site. We generate monthly progress reports and send them to you, so you may know how much efforts we put to ensure the growth of your organization and yield the best results. 

4 Key Elements that Decides the Success of Your PPC Campaign for Non-profits

At Gold Spot Media, we execute and implement results oriented PPC campaign for non-profits by following certain proven tactics.

1 Keyword Research: We carry out thorough keyword research to ensure your ads are appearing for the relevant searches from potential donors.

2 Attractive Ad Copy: We help you capture your users’ attention by creating appealing ads that easily convert them into donors.

3 Split Ad Testing: We continuously test your ads to ensure they are performing well.

4 Monitor & Optimization: We constantly monitor your donor’s preferences in order to optimize your ads for better conversions.

Why Should You Choose Gold Spot Media for PPC Services for Non-profits?

Specific Industry Experience

Gold Spot Media has a vast experience in serving many non-profits, such as religious communities, social activisms, educational improvements and so on. With years of knowledge and experience in this field, you can rest assured that we are able to offer PPC services for non-profits with particular focus on bidding rules, parameters and competition. Hence, you should hire our services if you are willing to see significant results.

PPC Experts

Being a leading PPC marketing company, we have dedicated ad specialists on board who are well-versed in paid search advertising for non-profits. All the ads are created with the intention to convey your organization’s purpose to your donors. Our ad experts conduct continuous research and learn about your visitors’ behavior and paid advertising algorithms in order to make sure your ad appears above your competitors.

Full-Stack Services

Having a rich and responsive website with quality content is one of the important factors for getting ad approval from Google. Therefore, we don’t only help you with PPC services for non-profits, but we also help you set up your website with all the necessary elements. We also develop a solid SEO strategy, social media campaign, email marketing and other forms of digital marketing to help you get maximum exposure and sales.