Choose our Ecommerce PPC services to make your business visible to prospects looking for your products or services.

Boost website traffic

Attract more potential customers to your website by executing a paid search advertising campaign.

Improve brand awareness

Increase your business visibility by displaying your ads on search queries.

More conversions

Make your products available to potential customers and enjoy more conversions.

Four Key Steps to the Success of Your Ecommerce PPC Campaign


Research is the foremost and most important step that defines the success of an Ecommerce PPC campaign in the later stage. Our PPC experts will identify all the best suitable keywords to complement your ad campaign, and eliminate all the poor keywords that could harm your PPC campaign to make sure your budget is not wasted.


While creating your ads, we follow a systematic keyword strategy by assigning a larger part of your budget to high performing keywords. This enables your ad to appear in more search results and hence more clicks and conversions. We also use the Google Merchant Center to link your products with your shopping ads to ensure your ads run in accordance with your product stock.


When you choose our PPC ad marketing services, we continually manage your ad campaign to ensure its performance. We often conduct A/B testing on multiple variants of the ad to make sure you get more clicks and ultimately more customers.


We continually work hard to optimize your ads in order to make sure you always stay ahead in the game. As we do performance tweaks in your ads, we will notify you of all the changes with timely reporting and openly communicating.

The 4 Most Important Factors of Ecommerce PPC Marketing

The ultimate aim of our PPC marketing for Ecommerce is to help your business thrive by exposing your products to more customers. We attain this task by following effective tactics mentioned below.

1 Keyword Research & Identification

2 Creating Impressive Ad Copies

3 Continuous Ad Monitoring

4 Performance Optimization

Why Gold Spot Media is the Best PPC Company for Your Ecommerce Business?

Plenty of Industry Experience

What makes us stand out amongst other PPC agencies is our ability to handle both onsite and offsite elements. We have been in this Ecommerce industry for a long time, so we are familiar with how everything works and how product range, customer behavior, competition and quality of ads can affect the performance of your ad. Our experience in this field allows us to deliver effective services to make your business stand out.

Adequate Expertise

We have a dedicated team of ad managers and PPC experts, having all the required skills and expertise to manage, monitor and optimize your ad campaign. Our ultimate goal is to help you get more sales.

Complete PPC Solution

Being an end-to-end PPC solutions provider, we don’t only focus on PPC ads and social media ad campaign, but we also integrate additional marketing services with an aim to increase the effectiveness of your Ecommerce PPC campaign.