Nearly 20% of Americans do not prefer to visit the dentist because they are unable to find a convenient one.

Instant Results

When you choose PPC services for your dental business, you would not have to wait for the results. As soon as we create your ads, we will launch them and your business will instantly start to appear on the first page of search engines. You will see a dramatic rise in your conversions.

More Website Traffic

Our dental PPC services will help you acquire more visitors on your website. They will be able to see your services, ready your testimonials and everything about you. This increase in traffic will result in the success of your PPC campaign for dental services.

Brand Recognition

Advertising with PPC for dental allows your business to take up more space in the digital world by displaying your ads on more advertisers’ site. This will help your ad to reach more audience and get your brand known to maximum people. The more often they see your ads and get familiar with your brand, the more are the chances of conversions.

5 Crucial Steps for the Success for Your Dental PPC Campaign

Strategy Creation

Creating a solid strategy is one of the most important phases of PPC marketing. In this phase, our experts will identify your target prospects, budget for the ad campaign and maximum bid cost of your ad. Then, by measuring the average value of each patient, they will help you create the most efficient ads for your business. 

Keyword Research

During this phase, we will begin identifying the right keywords for your dental business based on your ad budget, target audience, and business goals. We will also analyze what keywords your competitors are targeting, and do all the relevant tweaks in your campaign to ensure your business stays ahead in the game.


We will assign a dedicated ad specialist to create and manage your advertising campaign to help you spread your message across to acquire more customers. But, before launching any ads, we will send them to you for your feedback and approval.

Optimizing Ads

After we launch your ads, we continually track its performance. We don’t use bots or hands-off approach but assign an active ad expert to monitor and optimize your ad campaign, so you can rest assured that your campaign is in good hands. Our PPC services also include remarketing of display ads. Once your website is viewed by an adequate amount of visitors, we will regularly optimize your ads to grab the lost visitors and keep your services on the top of their mind.

Timely Reporting

We don’t only implement your paid search campaign, but also incorporate a conversion tracking system to get an accurate report of your campaign progress. Your assigned ad specialist will send you the reports every month, showcasing the metrics of your ad relevance, ad rankings, cost per conversions, cost per clicks, keywords targeted, budget usage, competition analysis and so on with an aim to improve campaign performance. If you want we can also arrange a meeting to discuss the metrics in your report.

4 Key Elements of Paid Search Advertisement for Dental Services

Holding years of experience in PPC marketing, we are able to deliver result-oriented PPC services for the dental industry by following proven methodologies.

1 Keyword Analysis: We make sure your ads appear for the most relevant keywords and capture the attention of your potential patients.

2 Creating Relevant Ads: We build creative ads that easily convince your visitors to click on your ad and book an appointment.

3 Split Ad Testing: We carry out rigorous testing to yield the best results.

4 Continuous Research & Optimization: We keep an eye on your visitors’ behavior and optimize your campaign accordingly.

Why You Should Choose Our Dental PPC Advertising Services

Vast Experience

We have worked with many other businesses belonging to the dental industry. So, we are aware of all the ins and outs and can help you grow seamlessly in this competitive market. Having years of experience in the dentistry field makes us one of the most prominent PPC marketing companies. We follow the best industry practices to promote your firm and help you acquire more patients in a cost-effective way.

PPC Experts

Who would like to work with a company that has no experience in PPC advertising, especially for dental services? We certainly wouldn’t, and you wouldn’t too. That is why Gold Spot Media is the best choice when it comes to dental PPC advertising. We have a team of PPC experts who specialize in different industries in order to create successful PPC campaigns suitable for your business.

One-Stop Advertising Solution

We are a one-stop destination if you are looking for complete advertising services for your dental business. We don’t only offer paid search advertising services, but many other digital marketing services to improve your business visibility on the internet. We suggest that you go through our SEO and website design services alongside PPC services if you are looking to get a higher return on your investment. Get in touch with our team today and get started with our proficient digital marketing services today.